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Convert with a Quiz by Kaye Putnam sales page

Convert with a Quiz by Kaye Putnam sales page

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Convert with a Quiz by Kaye Putnam Download

Convert with a Quiz by Kaye Putnam Download

Convert with a Quiz by Kaye Putnam

Convert with a Quiz by Kaye Putnam

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​Create a High-Converting Quiz that Grows Your Audience, List, and SalesWith Psychology-Driven Brand Strategist Kaye PutnamEnroll nowIt’s finally here!The step-by-step course to build a quiz like mine…200,000+TIMES TAKEN100,000+Leads Generated$130,000+Revenue in the last 12 months aloneQuizzes are brand-building conversion machines.They generate leads, increase subscribers, and build your audience in a way that feels fun and natural for you and your audience.I’ve crafted a proven, repeatable process for creating, testing, and launching a quiz that converts. And for the first time ever – I’m going to spill the alllll of my secrets for how to implement this powerful lead generation strategy in YOUR brand.SAY NO MORE – I WANT TO CREATE A QUIZ!Quizzes are an inexpensive and interactive way to build an engaged audience that will buy more of what you’re offering.You’ve probably seen quizzes all over the internet (Buzzfeed, anyone?).However, where some quizzes are just for fun –Others are generating real revenue for their creators.(And more importantly, changing the lives of those who take it!)So what’s different between a quiz that is just for fun – vs one that’s changing lives and driving sales? Exactly everything, my dear Watson. Let me explain…Have you been trying #allthethings to grow your list?    Creating ‘content upgrades’ that never get downloaded…    Dancing awkwardly on IG Reels that never see the light of day…    Throwing dollars at FB ads that don’t end up converting…    Or even just planning, wishing, and hoping that people discover you – but not getting into action?(Been there, got the T-shirt.) If you’ve been thinking to yourself:There HAS GOT to be a better way!… I have great news.There is. And it’s a lead-generating Quiz! I stumbled on the concept of a lead generation quiz early in my brand-building life (maybe you’ve taken mine?), and it continues to out-perform every other lead generation strategy I’ve tried. (And I’ve tried them all!)My quiz wasn’t always so successful, though. I had to tweak, adjust, and perfect the experience, funnel, and follow up to achieve the results that I get today. (But your learning curve will be shorter – because I’m here to share everything I learned with you.)SIGN UP FOR CONVERT WITH A QUIZ TODAYEven for smart entrepreneurs who’ve hopped on the ‘quiz train’, too many of the quizzes aren’t working to the fullest potential because they’ve been stifled by a common error.When quiz strategies fall flat, it’s almost always in one of these 5 crucial places:$Creating the WRONG TYPE of quiz. There are 5 types, and only 3 of them work if you’re marketing to a cold audience. (AKA trying to *grow* your audience and reach new humans.)$Speeding through the TOPIC SELECTION and creating something that is easy/obvious instead of highly strategic and valuable.$The QUESTIONS & LOGIC of the quiz are irrelevant or predictable, leaving users disengaged with their outcome. $The post-quiz experience isn’t optimized to generate LEADS & SALES. It’s not enough to get people to take our quiz – it needs to guide people towards one of our offers.  $There is no ongoing MARKETING SYSTEM to promote the quiz. People take it, forget it, and move on with their life. (Womp, womp.)If you have a quiz somewhere collecting dust – this is a NO JUDGEMENT zone! I was making many of these errors myself in early versions of my quiz. I’ve had to optimize and upgrade my quiz dramatically over the years. I just had the advantage of early momentum to use as a testing ground. I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned with you – so you see success with your quiz FASTER!Will a quiz work for your industry?Short answer: yes, yes, and yes! Long answer: I’ve seen quizzes work for:NCoachesNCourse CreatorsNAuthorsNConsultantsNVirtual AssistantsNDesignersNCopywritersNSpeakersNHealth ExpertsNeCommerce BrandsNInfluencersNSocial Media ExpertsIntroducing…Online Course with Kaye Putnam Build your own lead-generating quiz to grow your audience, list, and sales!I’m ready – sign me up!The Course ExperienceBehind-the-Scenes DetailsI’ll be taking you into the dashboards of my quiz software, email campaigns, and paid ads to show you *exactly* how I have everything set up. I’m not leaving out any details. You get to see it all.Focused CurriculumThis curriculum & course experience are highly-focused. I’m teaching you one thing, and one thing completely: how to build a high-converting quiz funnel for your brand. If you want to upgrade to get 1-on-1 support you can, but I wanted the investment for this program to be accessible to everyone who wants in.Lifetime ReferenceCome back to the curriculum, source files, examples, and resources whenever you need to create more quizzes, optimize your quiz, or to create more promotional material.Here’s what you’ll get inside:• In-depth lessons to walk you through each and every step of the process.• Swipe files, examples, and mad-lib-style exercises to make this sooo easy for you• Comprehensive 80+ page workbook to implement what you learnThe CurriculumPICK YOUR QUIZ PATHSO MANY people get this first critical step wrong – and then set out in the wrong direction. (Thankfully, you won’t!) There are different types of quizzes for different business goals – so let’s make sure the quiz you create is aligned with what your brand needs. CHOOSE YOUR TOPICGranted, I can’t tell you *exactly* what your quiz should be, but I can get darn close! You’ll access several brainstorming exercises and frameworks to help you land on the  topic that’s right for you – the one that grows your brand, audience, and revenue! CAPTIVATING Q&AThe process of taking the quiz should be equal parts fun, enlightening, and an introduction to your unique brand. We’ll design the quiz experience to keep people on the edge of their seats the whole time – and clamoring to get their hands on the results!KEYS TO CONVERSIONOnce the quiz is completed, the most important aspects of the strategy come into play. I’ll teach you the structure to convert! This is how we transform mere quiz takers into paying clients & students.PROMOTION PLANThe greatest quiz in the world won’t grow your business if you don’t promote it. Thankfully, quizzes come with some of the lowest ad and promotional costs you can find. I’ll share my best channels, techniques, and messaging tricksQuizzes get results like…{“In a matter of one month, we generated over 1k new leads, making this easily my best opt-in ever.”{“My mailing list has grown by over 4,000 since implementing my quiz. And many of those leads have brought in sales/signups for my lower ticket programs – which then funnels those leads to my high ticket programs down the line.”{“By simply being visible on my website, [my quiz] brings in about 15+ leads per day.”If your quiz can generate even one new client, or if my ad strategy can save you a dollar or two per lead – this course will rapidly pay for itself. Enroll today to get the best pricing & access to the bonus coaching calls! Click the button below for the support level you’d like. The link will direct you to sign into Teachable and check out on that site. I can’t wait to support you in your quiz-building!Quiz CourseGet instant access:Only $497+VAT / Tax where applicableEnroll todayUpgrade to VIPCourse + Three 90-min 1-on-1 Sessions with KayeOnly $1997+VAT / Tax where applicableEnroll with VIP Supportupgrade your experienceWhat’s Included in VIPIf you’d like personal & customized support building your quiz, the VIP upgrade is for you. In addition to the full course experience, you’ll get three 90-minute 1-on-1 sessions with Kaye. I’ll design each session for your specific situation. If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll cover:    Session 1: Building the Best Quiz for Your Brand    Session 2: Designing Your High-Converting Quiz Funnel    Session 3: Bringing Your Quiz to the Masses with a Powerful Promotion PlanFAQsWhat does it cost to implement the quiz strategy?What kind of support will I get?Do I need to be a tech whiz to set this up?How much time will this take to create?Is there a guarantee?enroll today!Convert with a QuizClick the button below for the support level you’d like. The link will direct you to sign into Teachable and check out on that site. I can’t wait to support you in your quiz-building!Quiz Course

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

How and when will I receive the product?
Immediately after the payment, you will get a link to download the product (like a google drive folder). The link will be sent to your email account immediately, and you can always get the link on your account history too.

Is the course complete, or is it just a demo version?
The course is 100% completed and updated (includes ALL videos, pdfs, files, screenshots, everything); after you pay, you get a link to download the course Immediately.

What is your refund policy?
We will send you a full refund if you don’t get the complete course you ordered and we can’t solve the problem in the following 24 hours. Please get in touch with us if you want a refund. Your refund request will be processed within 24 hours

How can I trust you?
We show screenshots from the course, give you a video sample, and show you the folder where you will get access to download the course; that is proof that we have the course.
Also, you don’t need to trust us; you will be protected by PayPal buyer protection; if we don’t send you the course, you can ask Paypal to give your money back

Which types of payment do you accept?
Paypal and Crypto coins
We’ve partnered with PayPal to handle billing and provide a secure socket layer, and 256-bit encryption. So in layman’s terms: Your credit card is secure.
Card information is stored ONLY by Paypal secure server (We never have access to your payment information)

Is my personal information secure?
All registration information is automatically encrypted and anonymous, so it’s safe.
We don’t even use your name on our testimonials.
You can even use fake info; we don’t need your real name. We understand you want to protect your privacy.

What if my product has problems?
If your course has a problem, please send us a screenshot and tell us the problem. Then, we will solve the problem.
We will send a full refund when the problem can’t be resolved.

Can I ​Request courses I found somewhere?
Yes, send the information from the course you want to our chat or email at [email protected]

​Are all of the ​courses available straight away, or is it time-released (drip fed)?
You get all the content immediately; You don’t have to wait.

How can I get support from you?
We are confident provide for all of you an excellent service. If you have any problems, please contact us via Live chat. If we are not online, send us an email at [email protected] We will solve the problem quickly as possible!

What is NOT included?
Facebook Group Access
Support from the course creators
Mastermind or calls.

Do I need to purchase anything else once I get this course?
NO, you don’t need to get a premium subscription or download torrent software.

How long do I have access to the course?
Forever. You bought the course, and you own it for life. Access it anytime you want. You’ll also get all the course updates and new lessons for FREE forever.

Is my credit card secure?
Yes. We’ve partnered with PayPal to handle billing and provide a secure socket layer, and 256-bit encryption. So in layman’s terms: Your credit card is secure.
Card information is stored ONLY by Paypal secure server (We never have access to your payment information)

You don’t even need to trust Us. The Paypal Buyer Protection Policy will protect you.

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